Guilt. why it is and what to do about it

Okay, so I had been “ruminating” on the subject of guilt for a couple weeks and thought I could write this post in an hour. Who knew the subject of guilt could take longer than that??? (Yeah. Yeah. You and Brene Brown.)   So, a little bit ago a friend said that she needed to […]

New Energy!

Okay! So this just happened: This Startup Just Raised $33 million to Vaporize Trash If you live on this planet, you should be excited! VERY excited! When I first read about more-than-100% efficient garbage-fueled energy production years ago, I SO wanted to get a business loan to buy a system and a landfill — I had […]

Hello, Beautiful!

Today, my kids and I had a terrible morning. So I went to their school and had lunch with them (they were fine and barely remembered the screaming match they had carried from the garage, thru the car-ride, and out to the carpool line). But while in the school cafeteria, the girl sitting next to […]

Get FIERCE this Christmas

For all my friends and family so patiently waiting (and waiting and waiting) for my book to be finished…. it’s almost done (still). BUT I have posted Chapters 1-10 on my site as a teaser before e-publication. With new chapters to be posted. So… READ! ENJOY! and most of all ….Have a wonderful and merry […]

Words to the Wise

The Book of Proverbs is attributed to King Solomon, who is commonly thought of as the wisest man in history. In the Proverbs, when King Solomon writes about using words (verbal or written, I imagine), the recurring theme can be summed up as “use them sparingly, use them compassionately”. According to The Message translation of the Christian […]

Life is Good

It’s hard to follow up a painful post, so I’m gonna borrow a line from the Twilight Zone movie…. And now for something completely different… “Life is good” 🙂 is a business that was written up in Experience Life magazine. Awesome story about how two brothers parleyed a simple, up-beat slogan into a huge enterprise. […]

Friendship and Prayers

I could blog about how I screwed up the combo lock-thing at the gym last week and share a painless but embarrassing tale. But, I’ve thinking about my best friend (she knows who she is). Her mom is not doing well. Suffice it to say: Hospice has been called and prayers have been requested. My […]

At the Expense of all Others

I learned something from my Dear Husband, and he really is more DH than a DuH :-). When he wants to get something done, he does it — he powers through it like a chainsaw (i.e., sometimes there is collateral damage), but the task gets done. Me, on the other hand, I am a “multi-tasker”. […]

Invisible Voice

Voice is a confusing concept in general. Invisible Writing is too. Putting them together can be like trying to find Schrödinger’s Cat. VOICE isn’t something you “create” as much as “hone”. Every writer has a voice, it’s up to you use it to best advantage. (If you’re new to writing, just write. The more you […]

Blood of the Wolf

Fierce cover art

This is my first complete novel. I’ll post a chapter a month for you to consider…. starting with: Chapter 1. UPDATE 10/28/13: This novel has gone thru a complete revamp in that the main character sprouted wings. SOoo… I’m rewriting the whole thing and I gave it a new title Fierce.