It’s hard to follow up a painful post, so I’m gonna borrow a line from the Twilight Zone movie….

And now for something completely different…

“Life is good” 🙂 is a business that was written up in Experience Life magazine. Awesome story about how two brothers parleyed a simple, up-beat slogan into a huge enterprise. What I remember of the article is that the slogan worked so well because the world needs more positive energy breathed into it. (hmmm, makes me wonder about all the “bad energy” the yoga enthusiasts are breathing out into the universe.)

But then I saw a tire cover with a modified slogan “Life is okay” :-|. I nearly crashed the car for laughing.

Life is Okay. Occasionally Life is Good.

It’s been several weeks since my last post b/c (as I said) it’s just hard to follow up a post about an ill friend, and I was on a vacation, and I got caught the Diablo III addiction. So, now that I’m not playing computer games until 2am anymore (and actually getting more sleep), I think I’m back on the Life is Good bandwagon 😀 (btw, my friend’s mom is doing much better now than years. The power of prayer is amazing.)